Sinagua Malt is a benefit corporation located in Camp Verde, Arizona. Sinagua Malt was created to provide a market solution for declining flows in the Verde River. We provide breweries, distilleries, and homebrew-supply stores with premium Arizona malt.

From Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company

“This project is so much more than one beer. It's so much more than one brewery. It's a statement for the future saying that craft beer is an industry of progress.

When conservation and common sense mix we all get to benefit. We want to honor Sinagua Malt Co, the non profit for-the-river company, for making Arizona a better place and to focus on the resourses that matter to us all. Many thanks to the Nature Conservancy of Arizona and Hauser and Hauser Farms for making this happen as well.”

Why Barley?

Two Row Barley Shields Ranch

Among all crops grown in Arizona, small grains have relatively low water applications. Barley is planted in February in the Verde Valley - often using winter rains to germinate. As little as 3-acre feet of water is needed to produce a crop with the last water applied in late May - allowing water to stay in the river when it is most needed by fish and wildlife.


Why Beer?

Craft Brewers using Sinagua Malt Barley

Chefs and Craft Brewers interested in sustainability are looking for local ingredients for their products. It helps sustain local farmers and provides the freshest in food and beverages for their patrons. Sinagua Malt pairs up with local brewers in Arizona that share thier interest in conservation of rivers.


Latest News

Verde River blue heron

Arizona’s Verde River has a lot of competing uses: city dwellers, farmers, kayakers and environmentalists all want its water in different ways. But a new project aims to unite everyone over a glass of beer. A farm in Camp Verde has planted a crop of malt barley, to conserve water and give Arizona breweries a key ingredient to craft a truly local beer.


Sinagua Malt

Sinagua Malt

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