Sinagua Malt's malt and resulting beer

Our Malt

In February 2016, Zach Hauser with Speck Farms planted 15 acres of Harrington two-row malt barley on Shield Ranch, owned and managed by The Nature Conservancy.  Zach harvested the barley in June, and the yield was excellent at 3 tons per acre.  Brandon Ade with Blacklands Malt in Austin, Texas, generously agreed to contract malt a portion of the barley, and in late August The Nature Conservancy was the proud owner of two tons of beer malt made from local grain.

Sinagua Malt's first harvest at Shield's Ranch, Arizona

We distributed the malt to selected craft brewers in Arizona to confirm that craft beer of the highest quality could be produced with our local malt. The results were positive, as reported in this New Times article. Consequently, Zach planted 144 acres of Metcalf barley in January 2017. Sinagua Malt will be using this local barley to commence malting operations in the fall of 2017.

Sinagua Malt shares malted barley with Arizona Craft Brewers
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