Sinagua Malt's malt and resulting beer

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All of the barley that we currently use is grown in the Verde Valley by family-owned Hauser and Hauser Farms. We use Copeland 2-Row Barley to make our base malt.

Sinagua Malt's first harvest at Shield's Ranch, Arizona

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Need a taste of the Verde Valley in your glass? Check-out the following breweries where beer made with Sinagua base malt is available. Need malt for your homebrewing needs? Check out the following store.


Arizona Wilderness Brewing

Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co.

721 N. Arizona Ave. • Gilbert, AZ
DTPHX Beer Garden:
201 E. Roosevelt St.• Phoenix

Wren house Brewing Co.

Wren House Brewing Co.

2125 N. 24th St. • Phoenix, AZ

Sedona Beer Co.

Sedona Beer Co.

465 Jordan Road • Sedona, AZ

Homebrew Stores

Brewers Connection

Brewers Connection

1350 E. Broadway Rd. #102 • Tempe, AZ

Sinagua Malt

Sinagua Malt

P.O. Box 1750,
Camp Verde, AZ 86322